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QT Series Pneumatic Vibrator

QT Series Pneumatic Vibrator

QT Series Pneumatic Vibrator
Product Name:QT Series Pneumatic Vibrator
Category:QT Series Pneumatic Vibrator
Update:2013/12/20 10:57:27


Working Principle and Feature:
  QT series pneumatic vibrator, with the vibration energy generated by itself,features of high vibration frequency and large amplitude of vibration, as well as can effectively improve the smoothness of material flow. 
  This pneumatic vibrator can be installed on the external wall of material hoppers  and  bunker s toeffectively  prevent   bridging  and  rat-hole clogging  from  happening  during  the material transportation,  thusproviding a good flow-assistance function for  the transportation and handling.
Specifications and Model No.
Model No Frequency VPMMMax Vibration Force NAir Consumption L/Min
2Bar 4Bar 2Bar 4Bar 2Bar 4Bar
QT10 22500 42500 840 1390 38.5 78
QT20 12000 24500 2170 4000 154 310
QT30 9400 18500 3380 5430 274 540
QT36 8000 15500 3290 5360 428 850

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