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DMC Pulse Bag Style Dust Remove

DMC Pulse Bag Style Dust Remove

DMC Pulse Bag Style Dust Remove
Product Name:DMC Pulse Bag Style Dust Remove
Category:DMC Pulse Bag Style Dust Remove
Update:2013/12/20 10:54:06


Product Feature :
  Impulse bag-type duster is a piece of highly-efficient purifying  equipment  widely  used  in both  China and abroad.  It  adopts  advance dusting technologies and features  large  air  treatment capacity, good purifying effects,  reliable  work,  simple  structure  and  easy tomaintain. Nowadays, this kind of product is widely usedin metallurgy, casting, mining,  chemical and  pharmace utical industries. It is a piece of indispensible equipment  for eliminating pollution, pres-erving the environment, improving working conditions and recycling useful material. 
Working Principle:
  The dusty  gas  enters  from the inlet into the lower box, some dust settles, light dust is withheld by the filtering bag;  the  purified air  goes  through the filtering bag and enters the  upper box  viathe  venturi tube,   and  then  is  discharged  from the outlet. For dust absorbed  on  the  external  surface  of  the  filtering  bag,  the  impulse control  program triggers the impulse solenoid valves to  blow compressed  air from  the  gas bag into the cloth  bag via the spray pipe; the air  expands abruptly,  together with the counteraction of air current, shake down the dust on the bag surface;  and then  the dust is discharged from the box through the dust exhauster. 
Specifications and Model Number
Filter Area(M2 3.5 13.5 27 36
Specs Number Of Cloth Bags φ120×1000×9 φ120×1000×36 φ120×1000×72 φ120×2000×48
Number of Solenoid Valves 3 6 8 8
Collection Precision 0.5μm
Material Stainless steel, carbon steel (with resin coating on the internal surface) 

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