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ZHX planet Dlscharge Valve

ZHX planet Dlscharge Valve

ZHX planet Dlscharge Valve
Product Name:ZHX planet Dlscharge Valve
Category:ZHX planet Dlscharge Valve
Update:2013/12/20 10:52:30


Production Introduction: 
1. This discharge valve, consisting of the valve body and the reducer (including motor), 
adopts two-way flange split-type connection to prevent the lubricating oil in the reducer from infiltrating into the valve body, as well as to prevent dust from entering the reducer. This product is of compact structure, convenient to  install,  good  sealing performance, pleasant appearance and easy to use. 
2. This product, one of the auxiliary parts  of  material  conveying equipment,  is  widely used for the rationed feeding and discharging of powder or granular material. 
3. The planet discharge valves  of our company can be made of either stainless steel orcarbon steel in accordance with customer needs. 
Specs and Model No.   Volume/ Revolution  Power of Motor  Output Rotation
Diameter of
Material Outlet 
ZHX300 16 L/rev 1.5KW 35rpm 300mm
ZHX200 2 L/rev 0.75/1.5KW 35rpm 200mm
ZHX150 1 L/rev 0.75KW 35rpm 150mm

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