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QWZH Conical Duo-Spiral Mixer

QWZH Conical Duo-Spiral Mixer

QWZH Conical Duo-Spiral Mixer
Product Name:QWZH Conical Duo-Spiral Mixer
Category:QWZH Conical Duo-Spiral Mixer
Update:2013/12/20 10:30:25


Working Principle and Feature
  The  mixing  parts   of  the  conical  duo-spiral  mixer  are  two  asymmetric  jib  spirals. Whenever  rotating  around  their  axial lines,  they are  also revolving around the central axis  of  the conical  container, with  the  help of rotating  arms.  This  equipment, t hrough rotation  and  revolution,  heaves  material  repeatedly  to  create  complex  movements of shearing,  convection  and  diffusion inside the conical container, so as to achieve the goal of mixing. 
  This  equipment is  of wide  scope  of  application,   good  applicability, easy  to  install and operate, long service  life, convenient maintenance,  short mixing  time,  high mixing evenness, no dead- end  in  either  mixing  or  discharging.  It  will  not heat up the heat-sensitive  material, and  will not crush or  grind  particles  being  mixed,    which  makes   it  ideal  mixing  equipment  for  materials  of  different finenesses and specific weights. 
Scope of Application
  This  machine  is  widely  used  for mixing  all  kinds  of power and particles  such  as pesticides, dyes, pigments,   medicines,   chemicals,   fine chemicals,  fertilizers,   compound fertilizers,  spices,   plastics, metals,  foods,  food additives,  feeds,  feed additives, cements, cement additives, ceramics and ceramic glaze stains. 
Specifications and Parameters
Model No. QWZH-1 QWZH-2 QWZH-3 QWZH-4
Tptal Volume(m3
1 2 3 4
Loading Coefficient
Material Granularity(mesh)
Working Conditions
Normal temperature and pressure ,sealed for dust
4 5.5 7.5 11
Width berween Centers OF Seats(mm)
φ1450 φ1780 φ2000 φ2200
Diameter of Seat Hole(mm)
φ22 φ22 φ25 φ25
Height from Seat to Cylinder Inlet(mm)
300 300 300 300
Dimensions of Material lnler(mm)
φ200 φ200 φ200 φ200
Dimensions of Material lnlet(mm)
300 300 300 300
Height of Cylinder(mm)
1750 2220 2600 2890
Overall Height (mm)
2825 3300 3700 4345

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