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GFJ Series Fine Grade Pulverizing

GFJ Series Fine Grade Pulverizing

GFJ Series Fine Grade Pulverizing
Product Name:GFJ Series Fine Grade Pulverizing
Category:GFJ Series Fine Grade Pulverizing
Update:2013/12/20 9:55:29


Working Principle and Feature
  On the door of this machine installed a toothed disc,on which there are two toothed rings with steel teeth.On the main shaft installed a movable toothed  disc, on which there are movable teeth. The  movable teeth on the  movable toothed disc are arrayed with the fixed toothed rings in a staggering manner. When the main shaft rotates at a high speed,  the movable toothed disc runs at the same time, so material which enters the crushing chamber is crushed under  the  comprehensive  function  of impacting, shearing and abrading of he  material  itself  and  between  the  teeth  and  the material. The finished products, after sieving through the mesh sieve, enter the collection bag from the crushing chamber; andcoarse material will be crushed once again. This machine features of novel structure, smooth operation, low noise and high yields. 
Scope of Application:  
  The highly-efficient crusher is applicable for industries such as pharmacy, chemicals, food and nonmetallic minerals. This machine is designed for crushing dry and brittle material. Material of low softening temperature
   In this machine, the parts contacting material to be crushed are made of stainless steel, which is of good corrosion resistance, to make sure that medicine and good products meet the requirements of national
  If the machine is used for crushing poisonous material or precious material, the user shall contact our company for detailed production circumstances prior to use.
Model Parameters 100 300 400
Main axle rotation(rpm) 3800 3800 3800
Pulverization fineness 30~120 30~120 30~120
Yield perunit(Kg/h) 3~10 20~150 50~300
lnput material grain diameter(mm) <12 <12 <12
power(Kw) 0.75 5.5 7.5
(Note:The parameters in the table are different if disintegrating other materials)

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