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M Series Cryogenic Mechanical Crusher

M Series Cryogenic Mechanical Crusher

M Series Cryogenic Mechanical Crusher
Product Name:M Series Cryogenic Mechanical Crusher
Category:M Series Cryogenic Mechanical Crusher
Update:2013/12/20 9:42:01


First, the principle and features:
  1 , process: the product package by the ultra-low temperature mechanical grinder hopper, mechanical grinder , fan, cyclone , a feeder , liquid nitrogen tank ( with user ) and other components ;
  2, the working principle: The system for the cold liquid nitrogen source , by cooling the material after being crushed brittle friable state achieved at low temperature, into the cavity of the mechanical pulverizer , high-speed rotation of the impeller , the blade material , gear, material with each other under the combined effect of the material between the repeated impact , collision , shear, friction , etc., to the crushing effect : the material is crushed by a whirlwind of material collected ; fineness of the material does not meet the requirements to continue crushing return silos , air conditioning most of the return recycling bin .
  3 , Features: The ultra-low temperature grinding system in material crushing process, the cold source basically formed a closed loop system that allows energy to be fully utilized , saving energy ;
  Crushed with a cold source temperature can be reduced to -160 ℃, according brittle point temperature of the material in the grinding process, the temperature can be regulated , choose the best grinding temperature , reducing energy consumption : crushing fineness can reach 20 to 250 mesh ;
Using liquid nitrogen as grinding media , to achieve ultra-low temperature grinding, explosion-proof materials , such as the combined effect of oxidation .
Second, the scope :
  The system is suitable for cryogenic grinding at room temperature can not crush various materials , widely used in chemical , plastic , rubber, thermoplastic materials and other products of ultra-fine grinding .
Third, the main technical parameters :
Specifications Parameter M150 M250
Working medium Liquid nitrogen Liquid nitrogen
Crushed host studio diameter(mm) 150 423
Operating Temperature (℃) -10 ~ -160(Adjustable)
Fineness (mesh) 20~250
Host powerKw 5.5 37
Total powerKw 9 49

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