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FX Series Classifier

FX Series Classifier

FX Series Classifier
Product Name:FX Series Classifier
Category:FX Series Classifier
Update:2013/12/20 9:38:56


Working Principle and Feature
  This machine, adopting the classification technology of induced air and incoming material classifying wheel, classifies finished products and semi-finished products to their respective requirements.  
  This machine, featuring of simple structure, convenient to operate and use, low intensity of labor,  high work efficiency, advanced and reliable performance,  long  service life an durability, is applicable for  classifying all kinds of material. 
Scope of Application
  Minerals: kaolin, mica, graphite, barite, quartz, calcium carbonate, argil, zircon sand, talcum, and etc;  Medicines: bismuth carbonate, cortisone, penicillin, fulcin, cuprous iodide, nimodipine, and etc;  Pesticides: carbendazim, mildothane, and etc.
Specifications and parameters
Model No.Parameters 400 600 800 1000
Classifying Size(μm) 2~200 2~200 2~200 2~200
Classifying Capacity(Kg/h) 200~500 300~1000 800~2000 2000~5000
Total Power Consumption(Kw) 25 45 68 90

Working Principle and Feature:
  The  QLS air-sieve, developed  on the basis  of assimilating and absorbing the advanced technology from abroad  and  abandoning  the  conventional principle that uses the gravitational potential energy to classify material, can greatly improve your work efficiency. When sieving and classifying a material, the sieve  meshes  are open  and  unobstructed under the back pressure generated by the cyclone air pipe's  blowing.  Simultaneously, those conforming particles of the processed material go through the sieve under  the attractive  force  produced by the draft fan and are collected by the catcher and those coarse  ones fall into  the  front  cavity of  the machine  and  are  automatically discharged through the discharge valve. 
Main Technical Parameters:
1.Diameter of mesh sieve(mm):φ800
2.Specifications of mesh sieve (mesh):Optional in accordance with customer requirements
3.Motor power of cyclone air pipe(kw):0.75KW/1450rpm(380V)
4.Rotational speed of air pipe:48rpm
5.Lntet pressure of air pipe:Around 0.15~0.25M Pa
6.Production capacity :Varies with material Propertiesand fineness required
Scope of Application:
  This machine is suitable for classifying dry materials in the ceramics and nonmetallic minerals  industries,  such as  industrial  medicines,   graphite  powder,  resin powder, plastic powder, iron ore, talcum powder and electromagnetic material, etc.

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