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MX-Series Reamer Patch Crusher

MX-Series Reamer Patch Crusher

MX-Series Reamer Patch Crusher
Product Name:MX-Series Reamer Patch Crusher
Category:MX-Series Reamer Patch Crusher
Update:2013/12/20 11:06:04


MX-500 grinder
First, the principle and features:

MX-500 crushing blade , using manganese material , heat treatment greatly improves the wear resistance of the blade , increasing the life of the machine. Since a cyclone mill with the material effective in improving the speed and the size of the damper below the mill body to change the feed rate , similar models produced with significantly improved efficiency .
After the crushing cavity material added in the role of high-speed rotating blades crush the material is crushed , and in the lead since the cyclone with winds crushed and sieved action will accelerate the introduction of the finished material capture devices.
The machine novel structure, simple operation, stable operation and high yield. Widely used in coarse crushing and drying brittle materials .
Second, the specifications and parameters:
1 . Crushing blade turning diameter : φ515mm
2 . Screen Aperture : according to user needs to configure
3 . Spindle speed : 2920rpm
4 . Motor power : 37KW/2920rpm (380V)
5. Dimensions : 1350x1210x1650mm
Third, the full configuration process
The full machine configured as follows:
MX-500 grinder - CLK300 Tornado aircraft ( with 1.5KW discharge valve ) - 13.5 square precipitator ( with manual butterfly ) - 7.5KW draft fan
Boot process is as follows :
1 : Open the suction fan ;
2 : Open the dust collector pulse ;
3 : Open the cyclone discharge valve ;
4 : Open the crushed hosts.

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