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High Precision Fluid Filtration Device

High Precision Fluid Filtration Device

High Precision Fluid Filtration Device
Product Name:High Precision Fluid Filtration Device
Category:High Precision Fluid Filtration Device
Update:2013/12/20 10:35:19


Working Principle and Feature
  This product is made of stainless steel (1cr18Ni9Tior316),and the filter stick is sintered with titanium material and can filter any particle larger than 8µm .
High Precision Gas Filter
Working Principle and Feature:

  This product integrates advanced technology and high-tech material, and utilizes air-flow scattering mode to enhance filtering effects. Integ-ration of membrane-type removal of oil,  impurities  and water with bar-type sterilization and filtration can provide purified air.
Technical Parameter:
max working temp 45℃
 working prussure 0.1Mpa~1Mpa
 elimination of oil 0.01PPMw/w
 dew point temp -40℃
 filter precision 0.1µm~0.5µm
 discharge m3/min 1m3  3m3  6m3  10m3  20m3  40m3
 connecting 3/8″ 1″ 2″ 3″ 4″
 Net weight 82Kg
Technical Parameter
Operating temperature More than 1400C
Operating pressure 0.1~1Mpa
Filtra fineness Less than 0.1~0.8µm
Flow m3/h 0.5~100
Connection Calibre 2″~ 4″
External dimension φ300χ1000、φ500χ1000

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