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QWWZ Series Zero Gravity Mixer

QWWZ Series Zero Gravity Mixer

QWWZ Series Zero Gravity Mixer
Product Name:QWWZ Series Zero Gravity Mixer
Category:QWWZ Series Zero Gravity Mixer
Update:2013/12/20 10:27:30


Working Principle and Feature
  This machine is horizontal with a W-shaped cylinder, inside which installed  two rotorswith  blades.  The  two  rotors  rotate  in  opposite direction to each other and the bladeschurn  material  with  a  certain  angle  to  generate  a  momentary zero gravity; and then material  on both sides  rotates  in an opposite direction and falls into the opposite area;material  mixes  in this way back and forth and a fluidized zero gravity zone and rotating whirlpool  are  formed  in  the  center and are moving along the axis, so as to achieve an all-directional  complex  cycle  and  fast,  even  mixing  result; and the mixed material is discharged from the bottom
Specification Scope of Application: 
Model Specification QWWZ -0.025 QWWZ-0.5 QWWZ-1 QWWZ-2 QWWZ-3 QWWZ-4
The amount of a mixture (㎏) 0.2-0.25 200-300 400-600 800-1200 1200-1800 1600-2400
Host Power(kw) 0.18 5.5~7.5 7.5~11 11~15 18.5~22 22~30
Load factor 0.6
This machine is widely used for mixing all kinds of material in powder, particle, slice, adhesive and bulked format, as well as is used for mixing chemicals, pesticides and medicines. 

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