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Option Lnstruction of ZF Grader

Option Lnstruction of ZF Grader

Option Lnstruction of ZF Grader
Product Name:Option Lnstruction of ZF Grader
Category:Option Lnstruction of ZF Grader
Update:2013/12/20 10:25:32


Working Principle and Feature:
  On the basis of introducing advanced technologies from abroad and making continuous  innovations,  our  company  has   developed  all  kinds   of   high-performance feeders to meet  the requirements  of conveying  various plastic materials. All models, made of stainless steel,  equipped with highly-efficient vacuum  motor  and  overload  protection  device, are of lightweight, long durability, strong suction power, easy to install and operate. 
  The ZF series feeders are mainly used for mixed materials which are of a bulk specific weight of over 0.5 g/cm3 but less than 3 g/cm3, cohesion-less and in powder form, and are mainly applicable for food, chemicals and plastics industries. This machine uses high-pressure 
air for back flushing, which shakes out powder momentarily and maintains a good effect. It is also easy to clean, without any mechanical dead-end, fast to change material, of small space, convenient to move, thus applicable for transportation of all kinds of powder materials.
Basic parameters Type  
400 500
With  Sets Set Preparation Vacuum   Kpa 29Kpa -0.093Mpa
Pressure Kpa 〈40 Kpa 〈1㎏/㎝2
Maximum flow,   m3/h
380 720
Power KW
5.5 18.5
Power Three-phase four-wire system380V50Hz    
Continuous transmission capacityKg/h
5m 300 300
10m 250 2500
15m 150 2000
Conveying pipe diameter (mm) 50 76
Inspiratory diameter(mm) 50 76

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